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SpaceX becomes a priority Satellogic partner on the launch of his microsatellite constellation

On January 19, Satellogic, specializing in land observation, announced that he had signed a contract with Spacex, which would cover several launches of its satellites next year.
This multi-time launch service agreement makes the Satellogic Priority Partner at the launch of its Satellite Constellations after earlier the company used the services of Chinese, Russian and European space carriers, including launching 10 satellites from March 6 to November 5 last year.

Satellogic plans to spend the following four launches with Spacex, starting from June of this year. Additional launches will be held in December, in March and June 2022. These will be launches of spacecraft running on a sun-synchronous orbit, which will allow you to withstand at least four satellites at startup in June. The company that now has 13 operational satellites, by the end of the 2022th, or at the beginning of the 2023th year, is implementing a project with a conclusion to an near-eraine orbit of about 60 satellites.

Satellogic also got the opportunity to launch their companions in Starlink missions. Satellites, which will go to orbits with an average inclination, according to Kargiman, will complement the main part of the Satellogic satellite constellation on a sun-synchronous orbit. “They will give us more variety in time for repeated visits to the places of interest,” he said, noting that the company now has one satellite in this orbit. “We are considering the possibility of deploying more satellites of the middle inclination over the next 12-18 months, but have not yet been determined when it is these launches.”

Another advantage of the transaction, according to him, is the flexibility that it offers when determining the number of satellites for flight, as well as flight options for satellites on Starlink missions. “It gives us the opportunity to make operational solutions closer to the launch date.”

According to him, Satellogic observes a significant demand for high-resolution images, which produce Satellogic satellites, taking into account the demand, which is growing increasingly growing, from state and commercial structures. Pandemic accelerated the demand for land observation data and geospatial analytics. “

It was this demand that was a key factor in making a decision on the choice of Spacex, whose services allow Satellogic to speed up the deployment of their satellite constellations. “This is the right moment to increase investment,” Kargiman said. “We are deeply convinced that now we need to double our efforts, scale the data, withdraw them to the market, as a ready-made product at an affordable price.”

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