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Pleiades 1А/В

The Pleiades High-Resolution program has been part of the European remote sensing satellite system and has been operated by the French space agency CNES since 2001. It includes two new generation ultra-high resolution satellites, Pleiades-1A and Pleiades-1B with the same technical characteristics. The satellites are synchronized in one orbit to be able to provide a daily image of a certain area of the earth’s surface.

Briefly about the main thing

Using next-generation space technology, the Pleiades-1A and Pleiades-1B spacecraft have unprecedented maneuverability. They can shoot anywhere on an 800-kilometer strip in less than 25 seconds with a geopositioning accuracy of less than 3 m (CE90) without the use of ground reference points and 1 m with the use of ground points.

To continue the Pleiades mission, Airbus Defense and Space plans to launch 4 ultra-high-resolution optical satellites in 2020-2021.Compared to existing satellites, the technical characteristics will be significantly improved to meet the growing demands of the market, providing solutions to new challenges for business and analytics.


Launch date
December 17, 2011 (Pleiades-1a), 2 December 2012 (Pleiades-1b)
Kourou Cosmodrome (French Guiana)
Lounching place
RN „Union” (Rosja)
Eads Astrium Satellites (France) (now - Airbus Defence and Space)
Airbus Defence and Space
1015 kg
Type of orbit
Orbit height
705 km
Estimated service life
5 years
The inclination of the orbit
Sensor bands, Panchromatic, nm
0,43-0,55 (blue) 0,59-0,61 (green) 0,60-0,72 (red) 0,79-0,95 (near-IR1)
Sensor bands, Multispectral,nm
0.7 (after processing - 0.5)
Sensor resolution, Panchromatic (or GSD, ground sample distance; off-nadir is geometric mean)
2.8 (after processing - 2.0)
Sensor resolution, Multispectral (or GSD, ground sample distance; off-nadir is geometric mean)
Maximum off-nadir angle
CE90 mono = 4.5
Dynamic range,bits per pixel
Geolocation accuracy, m
Swath width, km
More than 1.0
Revisit frequency
1 (depending on the width of the area)
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