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UAV acquisition

Orthophotoplanes with using UAVs
An orthophotoplan is an orthogonal projection made absolutely orthogonal to the earth’s surface, where mathematical transformations exclude promising types of objects, which gives a flat view of the earth’s surface with accurate preservation of the proportions of objects and scaling for the task. Orthophotoplan is the basis of topographic plans, cadastral maps, bases of engineering surveys, terrain maps.

Orthophotoplans are especially in demand in geodetic, topographic, geological, hydrological, ecological research, land management, architectural and construction design, control of construction and installation works, agriculture, forest management, monitoring of coastal areas and, of course, in the development of new lands and construction of buildings, due to the efficiency of execution (not more than a month, and under favorable conditions and up to 1-2 weeks) it is possible to get an orthophoto of the desired area in almost real time, which will save both time and financial investment.

Orthophotoplanes were also widely used during hostilities. In addition, orthophotos are used in the formation and updating of digital maps and operational assessment of soils, green vegetation.

Main advantages

Accurate measurement of the area of territories.
Perform borders, as well as update the existing borders of any settlement.
To make ecological and agrotechnical assessment of lands.
To update and clarify existing cadastral maps, as well as to compile new ones.
To create 3D models.
For mapping different scales
Development of advertising materials.
Safety of shooting. This is especially actual within the city (compared to small aircraft).
Higher accuracy and informativeness of the obtained data (compared to satellite imagery).
Image quality.
High frequency.
Significant time savings.
Low price.
Resistance to weather conditions. Ability to take pictures in cloudy weather.

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