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Briefly about the main thing

An orthophotoplan is a photographic plan of an area on an exact geodetic basis, obtained by aerial photography or space photography with the subsequent conversion of images from the central projection into orthogonal using the method of orthotransformation.

Orthotransformation eliminates distortions in the image due to terrain and deviations of the camera axis from the vertical when shooting.

Creation of an orthophotoplan with reference to local coordinate systems.
Construction of DEM or horizontals.
Drawing of a topographic plan based on the results of UAV survey.

The orthophoto can be obtained in various ways: by digital processing of space images, aerial images, as well as images obtained by drones. The technology of digital orthorectification of aerospace images involves the performance of surveying with overlap (usually 60% along the route and 30% – between routes), geodetic binding of images using ground control points, construction of a digital terrain model, orthorectification and the formation of the final product digital mosaic of orthotransformed images.

The most effective is the use of orthophotos to solve the following problems:

  • cadastre and land management
  • map updates
  • municipal administration
  • geological works
  • design and survey works
  • creating a basic cartographic substrate for various applications
  • monitoring of territories
  • architecture and construction


Ортофотоплани Ортофотоплани
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