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On September 6, 2008, a commercial satellite GeoEye-1 was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, with an estimated lifetime of at least 7 years. The satellite is owned by the private company GeoEye Inc. (USA), formed in January 2006 as a result of the merger of Space Imaging and Orbimage – operators of satellites IKONOS and OrbView, respectively.

Briefly about the main thing

GeoEye-1 spacecraft has ultra-high spatial resolution in panchromatic mode, high accuracy of shooting accuracy, as well as very high shooting performance. The satellite allows you to receive a large amount of data in one flight. The shooting accuracy in the plan is 3.5 m (CE90), while the stereo shooting reaches an accuracy of 2.8 m (LE90) in height without the use of reference points.


Launch date
September 6, 2008
Landing pad
Vandenberg Air Force Base (USA)
Spacecraft bus
РН Delta II (USA)
General Dynamics (USA), EXELIS (USA; on-board camera equipment)
DigitalGlobe (USA)
1955 kg
Type of orbit
Sun synchronous
Orbit height
678 km
The inclination of the orbit
98.1 degrees
Estimated service life
7 years
Sensor bands, Panchromatic, nm
Sensor bands, Multispectral,nm
0,45-0,52 (blue) 0,52-0,60 (green) 0,625-0,795 (red) 0,76-0,90 (near-IR1)
Sensor resolution, Panchromatic (or GSD, ground sample distance; off-nadir is geometric mean)
Sensor resolution, Multispectral (or GSD, ground sample distance; off-nadir is geometric mean)
Dynamic range,bits per pixel
Geolocation accuracy, m
CE90 mono = 2,5
Swath width, km
Capacity, million sq km per day
Revisit frequency
2,6 (days at 30° off-nadir or less)
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