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Sentinel 2A/2B

Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-2B satellites are designed for hyperspectral imaging of medium spatial resolution (Landsat-7 and SPOT-5 class). They are especially promising for mapping, land use monitoring, monitoring of vegetation changes, control of water resources. Sentinel-2C and Sentinel-2D satellites are scheduled to be launched in 2021.

Briefly about the main thing

The European Space Agency (ESA) Sentinel project is designed to support the Copernicus (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) program. The project provides for 5 missions: Sentinel-1 – radar satellites (see section Radar satellites), Sentinel-2 – satellites with optoelectronic equipment; Sentinel-3 satellites for ocean observation using various optoelectronic and radar equipment similar to those used on the ERS-2 and Envisat satellites. The launch of Sentinel-4.5 satellites, designed to observe the atmosphere, is planned for 2019-2020.


Amount of satellites
Launch date
June 23, 2015 (Sentinel-2A), March 7, 2017 (Sentinel-2B)
EADS Astrium Satellites (France) (now - Airbus Defense and Space)
Landing pad
Kourou Cosmodrome (French Guiana)
Spacecraft bus
Vega (France)
European Space Agency (ESA)
1200 kg
Type of orbit
Sun synchronous
The inclination of the orbit
786 km
The inclination of the orbit
98,5 degrees
Estimated service life
7 years
Sensor resolution, (or GSD, ground sample distance; off-nadir is geometric mean)
Dynamic range,bits per pixel
Swath width, km
Revisit frequency, days
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