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About us

We use direct contracts to deliver data from the operator to the end user, offering imaging from all available commercial optical and radar satellites with a resolution of 200m to 30cm per pixel – to solve the following tasks:


  • Creation and updating of topoplans, maps;
  • Control over the progress of construction;
  • Inventory of land resources, cadastre;
  • Control of agriculture;
  • Monitoring of deforestation, tree condition;
  • Detection of land seizures, illegal construction;
  • Inventory of road transport infrastructure;
  • Tracking changes in the coastlines of water bodies;
  • Flood and fire monitoring;
  • Calculation of vegetation indices (NDVI, SAVI);
  • Orthorectification of satellite images.

In addition to the supply of satellite data, we can provide services for the creation of orthophotos, vector maps, digital elevation models (DEM), three-dimensional models of buildings, structures and land. We work to make images from space available to the customer, and the ordering process as convenient as possible. We also work with LIDAR DATA, specifically with:

  • Creating vector models of buildings from a point clouds.
  • Classification of point clouds.

Our company performs a wide range of work using UAV technologies:

  • Photo and video shooting.
  • Creating orthophotos.
  • Creating 3D models of buildings, structures, land.
  • Vectorization of orthophotos obtained from a drone at a scale of 1: 2000
  • Geodetic GPS survey.
  • Creating a network of reference points for orthorectification.



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