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Topographic maps

Topographic maps are universal maps that reflect in detail and transfer placement and properties of basic natural and socio-economic objects.

Briefly about the main thing

  1. Topographic plans – Scale 1: 500, 1: 2000, 1: 5000 inclusive.
  2. Large-scale topographic maps – 1:10 000; 1:25 000; 1:50 000.
  3. Middle-scale topographic maps – 1: 100 000; 1: 200 000.
Топографічні карти Топографічні карти

The greater the scale, the more precise information about the relief, hydrography, vegetation, settlements, road networks and other objects.

To create and upgrade topographic maps and plans traditionally use aerial photography data. However, with the advent of space shooting data of ultrahigh resolution, the distance remote sensing data has become increasingly used to create topographic cards (as well as plans of scale 1: 5000 and even 1: 2000). Particularly promising for this purpose technology combines aerial photography, air laser scan and space shooting.

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