tvis > Polish project on indexation and digitalization of geodetic survey results

Polish project on indexation and digitalization of geodetic survey results

TVIS has completed a large-scale Polish project on indexing and digitization of geodetic survey results, which lasted 1.5 years! For the territory of three districts (Bielsko-BiaЕ‚a, Gniezno and GoЕ‚ub-DobrzyЕ„) we sorted 2.5 million pages of geodetic documentation – more than 70 thousand folders and hundreds of square kilometers. A total of 40 surveyors, cartographers and GIS specialists were involved in the project. The main task of the project was to organize the archive of geodetic documentation for the future national geoportal, with the drawing of objects that can be measured on a virtual map. It’s hard to imagine, but sometimes we even had to deal with the documents of Kaiser’s Germany in the 1880s! For 18 months of hard work, our specialists were able to implement the project at a high level, once again proving that they can handle even unexpected aspects of Polish geodesy and cadastre. The biggest difficulties at the beginning of the project were caused by the language barrier, as the specialist was required to understand the documentation and written Polish. In addition, in the first months it was difficult to explain the difference between national databases, because there are several in Poland (BDOT / GESUT and EGIB) and they have different purposes. Project Manager Oksana Pona organized the work at a high level, which allowed the company to quickly and efficiently perform the tasks on time.

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