tvis > Aerial laser scanning data processing for Lower Saxony (Germany)

Aerial laser scanning data processing for Lower Saxony (Germany)

TVIS has completed an airborne laser scanning data processing project for Lower Saxony (Germany). The goal of the project was to obtain accurate distances from terrain objects to power lines.

The classification of point clouds with an average density of 60 points / m2 was carried out in the protection zone of power lines within the corridor 70-140m. After automatic processing of the primary data, which divided all points into 4 classes (ground surface, unclassified points, low and high vegetation), the classification of other points was carried out manually. As a result of the work, the entire point cloud was divided into 58 classes. The project lasted 5 months, 7 performers were involved in it. The total length of classified transmission lines is 1,141.36 km.

The biggest challenge during project execution was the so-called Low / Air points (noise), not related to any of the objects. The deviation from technology in lidar surveys from an airplane has led to the presence of such noises in some datasets. Despite the fact that the classification of such points significantly slowed down the classification of specialists, all the work was handed over to the customer on time.

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